Skill India and Government Campaigns

Sanara feels proud in associating with various Government programs including Skill India Initiatives. Sanara has delivered excellent results in upgrading the skills of Rural as well as Urban citizens. We operate through various centers PAN-India. Our Training programs have resulted in Well-placed candidates in various sectors.


Employee Development Programs

Sanara's Employee Development Programs has 4 major aspects:

1. Building networks : The program offers you a platform to interact and exchange ideas with the best of business minds. Also, provides an excellent peer group to explore new avenues of business knowledge.

2. Empowering your expertise: You get an in-depth view of the business fundamentals, functions and skill sets. Later, these skills help you to integrate various functions seamlessly in your organization.

3. Boosting your confidence: The program enhances your interpersonal prowess such as networking, perseverance, persuasion and more. These are some of the essentials for an effective business leader.

4. Developing a signature style: It's a transformative program to develop a unique leadership style in you to inspire others for innovations.


Vocational Trainings

Sanara's Vocational Training ensures to create economic opportunities for Trainees by equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and technical skills to become financially independent. We have expertise in Skill Development, technical Trainings, Summer Internships, Entrepreneurship and Management Training. Some of them are: Entrepreneurship programs Sanara provides an entrepreneurship program that caters to youth, especially women, who want to set up their own businesses. Talented and interested individuals are selected and given material support and mentorship. Currently the Beauty Entrepreneurship Program and Tailoring Entrepreneurship Program are operational. General skilling centers Sanara Excellence centers focus on providing employment readiness skills. The foundation course focuses on soft skills to ensure personal and professional growth, along with options in specific courses like Retail, Desktop Publishing, Tally, Hardware and Networking, Mobile Repair, White Goods Repair, and Driving. Technical Trainings Sanara provides state of the art facilities in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT Engineering, CS Engineering and all other Engineering verticals. We have dedicated teams for providing these trainings.


Robotics Clubs

The Sanara Robotics Team is dedicated to providing all participants with the opportunity to hone their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students shall become successful learners in a rapidly changing global environment through hands-on experience. Participation in this program shall teach students to plan and manage projects starting from research and brainstorming to a fully-functional robot. These young adults shall become lifelong learners who can utilize their newly acquired skills.


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